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China Tour
5 Days Beijing at Leisure2017-12-31
from MYR 550.00
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5 Days Beijing Muslim Tour2017-08-31
from MYR 640.00
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5 Days Classic Beijing Muslim Tour (GV2)2017-08-31
from MYR 1490.00
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6 Days Beijing Muslim Tour2017-08-31
from MYR 770.00
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8 Days Beijing, Chengde, Tianjin2017-12-31
from MYR 1370.00
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7 Days Zhangjiajie + Phoenix Ancient Town 2017-12-31
from MYR 1100.00
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4 Days Heritage of Chengdu2017-12-31
from MYR 450.00
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5 Days Chengdu & Mt Emei2017-12-31
from MYR 750.00
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8 Days Jiuzhaigou & Mt Emei (by flight)2017-12-31
from MYR 3050.00
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8 Days Jiuzhaigou & Mt_Emei (by car)2017-12-31
from MYR 1500.00
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8 Days Wonders of Jiuzhaigou 2017-12-28
from MYR 1190.00
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6 Days Guilin Yanshuo Longsheng2017-12-31
from MYR 820.00
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5 Days Hainan Island Package2017-12-31
from MYR 970.00
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6 Days Hainan Island Package2017-12-31
from MYR 1150.00
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8 Days Classic of Shangdong (GV4)2017-12-31
from MYR 1830.00
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8 Days Essence of Shangdong (GV10)2017-12-31
from MYR 1760.00
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5 Days Shanghai / Hangzhou / Suzhou (GV4)2017-12-31
from MYR 680.00
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6 Days Shanghai / Hangzhou / Suzhou / Shanghai Disneyland (GV4)2017-12-31
from MYR 1280.00
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6 Days Shantou / Tulou / Xiamen (GV4)2017-12-31
from MYR 1510.00
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4 Days Xiamen Highlight2017-12-31
from MYR 460.00
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6 Days Xiamen & WuYiShan (GV4)2017-12-31
from MYR 1400.00
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